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Changing your mindset for weight loss, success, and positivity

Aug 10, 2020


In this video we are talking about changing your mindset for success to lose weight, to achieve success, and to be more positive. Do you often feel bogged down by the many responsibilities you have to do each day? Is your day filled with draining tasks that come with adulting? In this video we are going to explain a simple practice you can use to shift a negative perspective for a more positive and fulfilling one. Let’s Go!


Hey its Clint Mally from where we give you expert fitness, nutrition, and mind-set training. If you want to train your body, mind, and diet then click that subscribe button.  You find these videos and all the studies and  data we talk about in this video as well as my top recommended mindset books linked up in the description box below. Hang out at the end of the video and i'll give you an exercise that you can do today that will help you to shift negatively framed thoughts in for more positive ones. Alright Let's get right to it.


It is no secret as an adult that we have tons of responsibilities. Our jobs, families, and other relationships require a lot of attention, effort, and time each week. Sometimes the pull of these responsibilities can make it seem impossible to be happy or to feel like you have a life. After all, where is the time to just be human or do things you actually enjoy or want to do?


This is no more evident then at the gym. I have seen clients, athletes and members act like they are walking a funeral march when they first come into the gym. When I ask them if they are okay, sometimes, usually with a slight smile, they will say HAVE to work out!


Have To? These people pay for a membership, drive, walk or bike to the gym, and sign up and reserve their spot in the group fitness class ahead of time. Anyone would say that these are the actions of someone who wants to go to workout, so why do they say they HAVE TO be there?


Now all of us have positive and negative thoughts all the time. It is very hard to regulate your thoughts. But ALL of us can regulate our speech and what we say. However, why should we regulate what we say in the first place?


To better understand this let's look at it as a continuum.


The stuff  we think impacts the stuff we say,

The words we say impacts what we do,

What we do determines who we are,


As Will Durant has popularly paraphrased Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”


Now just as our mind can launch our words and actions, our words and actions can change our mind. According to Psychology Today, “If you vocalize your negativity, or even slightly frown when you say “no,” more stress chemicals will be released, not only in your brain, but in the listener’s as well.”


Basically what you say and do also impacts your thinking and the thinking of people around you on a chemical level. So we can agree that what we say has a big impact on our mind-set. This can be no more evident then when we say the a key phrase, “Have To”


“I have to pick my kids up from school.”

I have cook dinner tonight.”

I have to commute to work

I have to go to the gym and workout

I have to go to work.


Think about it. Are not all of these things blessings. Isn’t it a blessing to connect with your living breathing kids at least once a day and debrief with them about their time at school. Isn’t it a blessing to have food and a space where you make meals in the evening. If you make this with your spouse and family isn’t awesome to be able to do something productive and meaningful with them. Isn’t it great that you have a car that you are able to use to drive to your job. Speaking of work, isn’t great that you are employed and able to make money. Isn’t is an incredible blessing that you are wealthy and healthy enough to go to the gym and train. You have blood pumping through your veins, your heart is beating, and you are alive. You are able to improve yourself, you are not finished yet. You are not done, learning, training, and adapting. You can become even better today than you were yesterday!


Do you get my point? It matters how we say things. It matters because words impact our thoughts and our thoughts impact our actions and our actions make us who we are.


Try this. Take a piece of paper and divide it in half. On one side, write down all the things that you can quote yourself saying you HAVE TO do before. List out as many as you can, and be honest with yourself. Now, on the other side of the paper rephrase each item with the words GET TO and add a sentence about why this is awesome.


By reframing these key responsibilities, you will be better suited to greet them with joy, gratitude, and thankfulness.  We can only train the things that we are aware of. In the words of G.I. Joe “now you know, and knowing is half the battle.” To get more mindset training, Visit to get hooked up with an expert coach will help you improve all 5 elements of strength from training your mind to training your body. Listen we can do this! You are stronger than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can!


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