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How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them

Aug 10, 2020

In this video we are going to talk about how to set goals that you can actually achieve. We’ll cover the process of creating and executing a SMART goal, so that you can see the results you are looking for. So if you are tired of missing the mark, because you have no mark, or you just want to become even more productive in your daily life you are in the right place. Let’s Go!


Hey it’s Clint Mally from Mallyable Online Coaching  where we give you simple, step-by-step training to get you strong and fit.  After the video is done, use what you have learned to make a SMART goal in the comment section below. Also, please like our video and subscribe to our channel so that we can keep providing you with awesome content. 


 Alright so goals are an essential part of training inside and outside of the gym. Any of the 5 elements of strength from nutrition to relationships can be improved upon by setting the right goals in place. You can find our video on what the 5 elements of strength are right here. Now goals are benchmarks that let us know we are improving even on days when we are not feeling the daily grind. By setting goals you are putting your effort into a focused direction that is bent on results. However, how we set goals is just as important as the goals themselves. Without clear and tangible parameters with your goal it is easy to lose motivation and give up. So in order to set goals we need to talk about the why or the reason behind your goal.


The first prerequisite of a goal is establishing a WHY behind your goal. A why for your goal is the reason you will turn to when stuff gets hard. Many people state that they want to learn a new language, but when you ask them why they say things like “because I think it would be cool” or “it would be nice to have on a resume.” A small WHY is the biggest reason a goal might fail. Many people achieve great things just by having a clear reason behind their motivation. The person who wants to preemptively beat out the Alzheimer's that runs in their family by challenging their brain to pick up a new language has a stronger WHY than the person who just thinks it would be cool. A good way to establish a strong WHY is to link it to one of your core values. If you don’t have any core values and want to know how to establish them see the video above on how to create your own core values. 


Next you are going to want to create some goals by using the SMART acrostic. Smart stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. Let’s go through each so that you can start creating your own goals. 


A specific goal is something exact and distinct. I want to get better at math is not-specific. I want to learn how to multiply fractions, now that IS specific Usually this little step will make a goal smaller. It has a pass or fail along with it. Either you learn how to multiply fractions or you don’t. It is cut and dry and simple. 


Next, a goal must be measurable. How will you know you have learned how to multiply fractions. Will it be one problem, two, 10? The best way is to create a standard. I will answer ⅘ questions right about multiplying fractions. Now you know if you hit your specific goal or not. If a goal cannot be measured it is usually not a goal. 


Now that our goal is specific and measurable we need to make sure it is attainable. Usually this has to do with resources. For example, If my only training for my goal is to look at a page full of problems, this goal will not be very attainable. For this I need access. I need a teacher, an awesome youtube video that I should subscribe to because it makes my life better, oh kind of like this channel. A workbook that gives me answers. Something that will help me to develop my knowledge further than my starting place. Luckily, we live in an information age in which there are tutorials that are free for most everyone. However if my goal is to learn the breaststroke but I don’t have access to a pool, it is going to be difficult for me to attain my goal. 


Next, a goal must be realistic,  I like this being the second to last characteristic because it puts a check-point of toward the end on my goal. This is similar to attainable, but it is a little more pragmatic. If my goal is to go surfing on the moon, this is not realistic, if my goal is to play in the NBA but i’m super short, a grown man,  AND I have never played competitive basketball before, this is also not very realistic, even if I have access to a basketball, hoop and some how to videos. Also this feeds nicely into our last  quality of a goal which is time bound. It is unrealistic for me to master my goal of multiplying fractions in the next 30 seconds. If I don’t give a realistic timeline then my motivation will fail and discouragement will ensue. 


Let’s roll with this and talk about how all goals must be time bound. A time bound goal is great because it puts it on the calendar. We know the test is coming. We know when we will be measured. A time bound goal is the 5k we sign up for that is 3 months away, it is the test we want to ace at the end of the week, it is the presentation we will give in 2 days. Making a goal time bound helps to concrete your goal and to set it into place. 


When you have a goal, I like to separate into even smaller SMART goals. This helps to ensure gain success, it builds confidence along the way, and it helps to give me short term training when my test is a ways away. For example if I want to learn how to multiply fractions, it might be a good idea to first learn how to add and subtract fractions first. 


Now then, we have taken the goal- I want to get better at math to…


I want to get 4 out of 5 questions correct on adding and subtracting fractions by this Friday, and then I would like to get 4 out of five questions correct on multiplying fractions the friday after that.  This is specific,measurable, attatianable, realistic, and Time-bound. Setting the qualifiers into place can make even the biggest goals into small stepping stones to the big things that we really want. Take away any of these elements and your goal will have a harder time taking flight. 

If you want additional help setting and achieving goals go to and get hooked up with an expert coach who will guide you through this process to help you to stop wasting your time in and outside of the gym and start getting results today! This is Clint Mally reminding you that you are stronger than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can!


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