Mallyable Personal Training

Clint Mally is a sought after personal trainer and group fitness coach in Metro Atlanta. He does personal training out of Crossfit Downtown Atlanta. Clint is a Crossfit Competitor and Elite Spartan Race National Qualifier. He trains people of all fitness backgrounds, from busy hardworking mom's to elite Crossfit Games and Endurance Athletes.

Clint is a certified Crossfit Level 2 trainer and holds certifications in 

  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Masters Training
  • Kids Training
  • Adaptive Athlete Training
  • Competitors Training
  • Gymnastics Training


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Nutritional Routines

Get personalize nutritional routines that will fit your lifestyle and goals. Clint doesn't do meal plans, but instead suggests using healthy sustainable practices that ensure long-term and transformational health changes. 

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TrueCoach Tracking 

Whether you train 1x a week or 3x a week with Clint, he will write your workout plan for the entire week using the free application Truecoach. Each training day you will have your workout  automatically emailed to your inbox,and upon completed, logged on Truecoach to help you track your progress. 

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Mind-Set Tool Kit

Having a strong body is nothing without a proper mindset. Learn how to cope with stress, enjoy learning new things, and become more adaptable to the daily pressures you face in and out of the gym with Mallyable's mind-set tool kit training program included in your sessions.



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